Gus Rigby & The Total Liabilities

Gus Rigby & the Total Liabilities - Real life organic music merchants

Gus Rigby & The Total Liabilities (Darwin)

Gus Rigby & The Total Liabilities (Darwin)

Gus Rigby started playing music as a young child. The son of a fiddle playin’ mum and a high harmony singin’ dad, Gus was surrounded by sweet, organic folk music that travelled all around the country. Gus joined the family band at age 12 and was on stage by age 14 as “That young kid who plays the sax real good in that, there family band!” 

After nearly two decades of gigging around Australia with bands such as The Guild League, #1 Dads and Big Scary Gus launched a project of his own. Enter: The Total Liabilities. 

Gus plays an electric guitar handmade by Jereme Clingan, a guitar builder from Melbourne, Australia. His amplifier also comes from Clingan's workshop. Gus writes all of his own songs, all of them!

The Total Liabilities formed in an afternoon of panic two weeks from what would be the first headline show for Gus Rigby in some time. This show took place at The Happy Yess, Darwin, where fine music goes to be born.

Gus was scrambling around his address book looking to find whatever musical scraps he could come up with and the Total Liabilities, aptly named, were what Gus came up with.

Two had some prior stage experience (Romy Renzow - drums, Sam Carmody - acoustic guitar) and one had never played his instrument before (Gus Fitzgerald - bass) but took to it like a fish to ice cream. The 4th and final Liability is Lani Howitt (as pictured above.) Nobody even knew she could sing, but look at her now! 


Photographer: Kate Rendell

Musician: Gus Rigby & The Total Liabilities

Taken post rehearsal in Bobbi's lounge